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What is Rolfing?

"If you can imagine how it feels to live

in a fluid, light, & balanced body,

free of pain, stiffness and chronic stress,

and at ease with itself and the gravitational field,

then you will understand the purpose of Rolfing®."

-Jeffrey Maitland, Certified Advanced Rolfer™

Rolfing Structural Integration is a method of soft-tissue manipulation and movement re-patterning where the intention is to organize the body so that it can move and rest with the greatest comfort possible. Rolfing® affects the body’s posture and structure by manipulating the myofascial system. 

The touch is precise & slow, the movement intentional, and the client is empowered by how intrinsic change can be. One could feel more functionality, a wider range of motion, more ease, less pain and recover quicker from injury because the whole system is being acknowledged and addressed.

A traditional Rolfing session involves a  brief intake discussion, a range of diagnostic assessments to ascertain sensation and range of motion, and roughly 70 minutes of hands-on work on the massage table and/or Rolfing bench.


The hands-on manipulations target the myofascial system including fascia, mechanoreceptors, and neuromuscular patterns. The client may experience a wide variety of sensations, but at no point should the client be in pain. The bodywork ranges in layers of touch, but the client remaining present, engaged, and able to breathe fluidly is key to making the change we are seeking. 


After the hands-on work, the client will be asked to walk and possibly repeat the assessments conducted in the beginning of the session to notice any changes in movement and structure. Traditionally, sessions are 75-90 minutes.

There are several approaches to give Rolfing a try; though the10-Series is the traditional way to introduce yourself to the work. The 10-Series was developed by Ida Rolf and is a series of 10 separate sessions that cumulatively help a person to use their body in a more efficient and balanced way. Learn more about the 10-Series recipe by clicking here.
I understand that committing to a series of 10 sessions can seem like a lot when you have yet to know how great Rolfing could help you feel, so I happily offer single sessions as well as the option to do a 3-Series catered to your precise goals. You can learn more about the various options by clicking below.

The traditional 

introductory way to receive Rolfing.

The recipe was orginally formulated by Ida Rolf.

Rocks of Balance

A focus-based series of three where each session is targeted on a particular area of the body. Each session builds off the progression of the previous session.

Wild Icelandic Horses

This session is for those inexperienced with Rolfing and are curious to see how it could help improve their quality of life. 


For those experienced in the Rolfing modality that are seeking a deeper level of organization.


Your twice a year treat to check-in and make sure you are functioning fluidly. This type of session is only offered to those that have completed a 10-Series with a Certified Rolfer®.

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